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Are you at the right place ?

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Welcome to Crystane™

The first, true and only shop in Italy that takes care of your well-being by offering you high-quality acrylic crystal lamps.

You can finally transform your space and color it as you wish, with that extra touch of light.

Adapts to any environment

With Crystane™, you decide the right atmosphere, it adapts to everything thanks to its wide selection of colors and shades.
It can be alternated between work and leisure moments, between concentration and pleasure. Easy and lightweight to move around, thanks to the charging function, it allows for smart and prolonged use.

The Perfect Gift

You can modify the environment to your liking thanks to the wide range of colors it offers. Additionally, Crystane™ is unique in its kind, especially for its refined and stylish design. Beware! You might prefer it more when it's turned off!

Our Project

We are committed to offering top-quality products to enhance your living space, as we ourselves have experienced moments of 'no' when what was needed was just a glimmer of light.

Let yourself be enveloped by light and bring color to your space!

Who We Are

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We're working for you. Currently, international shipping costs €24.99.

Quality Guaranteed

We commit to offering only the best on the market, valuing our customers as much as our products.

100% Satisfied

Join those who have already started adding color to their space, having that extra touch!

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"Those who wander in darkness curse the Light, for it disrupts the slumber of their darkness."