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Are you at the right place ?

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Chi Siamo


In Crystane™, creativity and uniqueness are fundamental to product design and the creation of acrylic lamps, designed not only to be functional and decorative but also to bring dreams and emotions into everyday life. We give you the opportunity to change your mood in a touch!





Crystane™ transforms a room: from a welcoming space to one that stimulates productivity and creativity. Light changes mood: it can energize us, calm us, and relax us. The various colors are enveloping, and the different dimensions are fascinating. Our mission is to bring this mood to your home. How? Simple: with our selected range and our consultancy, we will help you find the right light for you. The right design, the right color, the right level of illumination. On our shop, we offer free shipping so that everyone can enjoy a Crystane™ sooner or later. We provide you with everything you need to enjoy the charm of light along with its colorful facets!